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Event designer e Wedding planner

On a special day, a wedding, an unforgettable party, an unusual birthday dedicated to glamour, the management, the conception and the realisation of the event will make the difference. The details, the lights, the beauty of the floral arrangements, everything must be perfectly coordinated and integrated with the quality of the cooking and services. We are convinced that the difference between a pleasant but ordinary event and a wonderful party will, however, be that extra detail that only a professional designer can give us. We have created a team coordinated by Lara Parente with the specific task of creating extraordinary atmospheres with a high emotional effect, without neglecting any detail. Organising an event requires a lot of work.

The preparation: months spent learning about the tastes, the ideas of each couple to create a project; then integrating this project with the budget we have at our disposal.

The wedding day:
managing the kitchen, the service, the settings, the music, the guests and the unexpected events so that the party is unforgettable. Lara with her creativity and the passion that distinguishes her, does not limit herself to select and coordinate the best suppliers and to take care of the direction of the wedding day, but for each customer she studies the wedding style with creative and original concepts, with the advantage of not having to think about anything, but only to enjoy moments that will remain forever.
We listen to the story of our customers, we are inspired by the story, by collecting images and materials and then starting to share our ideas and our experience, for over ten years of activity.

“We like the intimacy of exclusivity. Every couple is unique to us. Together we study the event, we imagine it until it turns into reality, emotions, looks, smiles that fill and bring our villa to life, there are moments that in my life have been repeating themselves and yet despite the years I always remain overwhelmed by the emotions, just think of the cutting of the cake.
For us who have been organising weddings for so many years, the cutting of the cake should be taken for granted and instead it is in my opinion one of the most exciting moments of the whole event, the music, the looks, I almost feel like I am getting married again every time “.

Event designer e Wedding planner