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villa althea


Villa Althea is a villa for weddings, situated in a beautiful natural park in the province of Caserta. The wedding location is enhanced with a well-kept garden, which leads the way to the interior spaces of the villa. Celebrating your wedding at Villa Althea means to ensure yourself a unique, elegant and unforgettable event.


Villa Althea is a location for unique weddings in the garden, a place that enchants the senses. The park with its more than 5 hectares accommodates three facilities, all exclusively dedicated to a single wedding event per day. The care with which we chose the plants, the shrubs and flowers that fill our gardens are the outcome of the love we have always had for nature. Passion for nature, love for beauty are our source of inspiration for all the preparations proposals we make to our customers. A wedding is a unique event, timeless, which will remain in the memory and in the images, we dedicate the maximum energy to the organisation of the preparations. Blending the style, the ideas of each couple, with trends, palettes and all the possible materials to get a nice, refined and elegant event. Setting up means for us not to transform but to complete, giving the soul to a place so that it becomes unique and inimitable.



"I love to design wedding cakes according to the requests of the spouses, by respecting the theme chosen for the wedding and the trends of the moment. All this, to give a unique and exclusive experience, visual and in taste".
The heart of Villa Althea is in the cooking, in the expert hands of our chefs and in the care with which we choose the raw materials. High quality raw materials, seasonal and local fruit and vegetables, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, all the best of a very rich and generous territory to satisfy even the most demanding palates. An event begins in the gardens and after so many emotions, smiles, rice and petals, finally a toast: thus begins the party that is unquestionably linked to food. In the Giardino delle Naiadi, a wonderful conservatory garden open to guests to taste the countless delights prepared by our chefs. We offer our guests two hours of tasting, the best wines from Campania and dozens of appetizers to start.
Then we discover the evocative Orangerie, surrounded by nature, the ideal place to celebrate, dance and toast waiting for the arrival of the cake. An avenue of petals to go to reach the imposing, romantic, white, modern, minimal, nude wedding cake. A cake that reflects the taste and the idea of every married couple and it is therefore unique.



"I like to think of wedding as a great party that involves spouses and guests alike. Taking care of the entertainment is an arduous task because, together with our expert creative talents, we have in our sights to give life to a spectacular result rich in music and choreography".

A fluid and pleasant succession of music, lights and choreographies, studied with our creative talents to turn an event into a wonderful party. A versatile location, suitable for any type of wedding, music paths and shows created especially to meet the needs of each couple. In organising a wedding we must manage a heterogeneous audience and interpret the personal taste of each couple, this makes the organisation of entertainment often strenuous, but it guarantees a unique result, it allows us to put emotions into music and suggestions and it turns them into wonderful and indelible memories. The wedding consists of many different moments, and in an important structure such as Villa Althea, it is often with music that we can give a sign of style, it helps us to interpret the very soul of the event. However, we are sure that the wedding before anything else is a party, and therefore why not take advantage of the gardens to celebrate it in the name of fun and light-heartedness: a moment of joy to share with the family and the close friends. If we wanted for a moment to enchant our guests with the magic of lights, the charm of ethereal figures that contribute to a fairytale atmosphere; everything is studied in the smallest detail to interpret your wedding.


Rite at the villa

Our job consists in creating atmospheres in which to breathe the emotions of those who chose to get married in the Villa. Together with each couple, we write each step of the rite. We choose the music, the passages to be read, we design the architecture of the place that will host them.

Villa Althea welcomes guests with the scents of the lavender that fills the entrance avenues, in the shade of the linden trees and horse chestnuts. The delicate pounding of the fountains leads us through the English garden, well-kept and informal. Centuries-old olive trees, myrtle bushes, the delicate weft of the red beech together with maples create the wonderful view that opens up into a small lake. Hidden in the heart of the park we discover the Italian garden, perfect, with its symmetrical hedges: it is the ideal place to exchange an eternal vow.

The ancient stone columns surrounded by delicate jasmines welcome the bride and her procession.

In the language of flowers, in fact, jasmine means good luck in marriage, this is the reason why it abounds in this area of the park. In the Italian garden on the edges of the stream we can discover the "plant of butterflies", with its delicate flowering, which attracts butterflies, a symbol of transformation and purity. The symbolism in nature, the arrangements, the choice of music, everything helps us to create the evocative atmospheres of a ritual in the garden. Atmospheres made unforgettable by your emotions, by the tears of joy that accompany us in such a beautiful moment in life.