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villa althea



Enclosed in the hillside, overlooking the lake full of water lilies, hides the Orangerie. The contemporary architecture, designed by the artist Eugenio Tibaldi, has allowed us to create a timeless place where romanticism and modernity can merge together linked by nature.

The transparency, the essentiality of the materials and the geometries make the Orangerie a place suitable for any type of setting up, that allows us to interpret the personality of each couple, for an event that is unique every time.


The natural light reflected by the rocky wall creates a fascinating scenery, in the hours of sunset and with darkness, the wise use of lights allows us to transform spaces, creating breathtaking sceneries.

The lake with water lilies, the weft of reflections and the light motion of the wind that moves the willows, which are delicately resting on the water, are the ideal setting for dreaming and for promising eternal love. A place where we breathe passion and romance, but that quickly changes to welcome "the party", the moment to have fun and get involved.