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villa althea

The Park

The park

Villa Althea lives on the nature by which it is surrounded, in the hills of Mount Rageto, near the Benedictine Basilica of Sant’Angelo in Formis. The park of Villa Althea is a very charming place, both for the panoramic position and for the exposure that allow you to enjoy suggestive sunsets. The beauty of the park is given by the harmony with which different styles coexist, from the richness and variety of essences and rare plants, which are the result of years of work.
The park with its 50,000 sq.m. is divided into four main areas: the English garden, the Italian garden, the pomegranates garden, the ancient hill. The romantic English Garden, rich in precious trees, with the careful study of exceptional proportions and its highly suggestive views opens up to guests as soon as they enter the villa and it is characterized by the sharp contrast between the perfection of squared fountains and avenues and the mixed borders hedge, made with the typical mixtures of Anglo-Saxon gardens.


The Italian-style garden enclosed by geometric-cut boxwood hedges keeps plants with enchanting scents and with a history linked to the symbolism of marriage and love. In the shade of the tall horse-chestnuts we find: jasmines, Buddleja Davidii, Lavanda and Iris. The pomegranates Garden: on the hillside hidden among the pomegranate trees goes up a small tuff staircase up to a small garden, a magical place where you can listen to the sounds of nature, the wind in the leaves of an ancient camphor tree, the chirping of birds.
A place made magical by the changes of the seasons, by the colours, by the flowers, by the fruits, by the passing of time and by the suggestions of nature. The ancient Hill is a nature trail that starts in a small wood of oaks and centuries-old olive trees and winds on the eastern side of the hill, going up we meet small sunny glades, in an uncontaminated and wild nature, we hope to be able to open this area too to all our guests soon.