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villa althea


The first communion is a special occasion, with a profound meaning, which needs to be celebrated by taking care of and interpreting the dreams of our children, without overlooking the traditions and needs of our adult guests.


"The largeness and versatility of the spaces makes our facility suitable to meet the needs of adults and children. Soap bubbles, masks and street artists will contribute to make the atmosphere magical and joyful. In the event of a party with few guests, I will show you the best solution to organise an event created especially for you".

Villa Althea is a magical place, in which man and nature are in perfect balance. An evocative scenery made unique by music and shows, a world designed for our youngest guests, to amaze and entertain them on a very special day.
Villa Althea extends over a park of over five hectares, where there are numerous facilities, which can be used to manage even small groups of guests for an intimate event.



Welcoming the youngest guests in the English gardens with artists and masks, in an enchanted garden full of fairies that throw small soap bubbles, moving adults and children to the dimension of the fairy tale to make everything unforgettable.
Communion is the first important party in which our children take part, and this is why we organise their day dedicated to fun, trying to spend most of the time in the garden between games and shows.



Setting up a communion means studying all aspects of a luxury, refined and elegant event, but it also means interpreting the dreams of every child, putting them into an unforgettable party.
The gaze gets lost in the park, walking in the gardens, then to enter and discover a small object, a place card, a flower that we have chosen and that helps to make the mise en place unique and special.



The careful study of the menu, the selection of the raw materials, the care with which each dish is prepared and served, represent the heart of Villa Althea.
The cooking is the perfect synthesis between innovation and tradition, designed to meet the tastes of all our guests. Our kitchen staff, coordinated by the executive chef Bruno Santagata, flanked by Stefano Pista, is always at work to create balanced dishes that know how to combine the flavours of our tradition with the delicacy and refined elegance of a contemporary cooking.
The same care is reserved for those who, due to problems or choice, need menus that meet specific necessities (gluten-free menus for celiac deseases, lactose-free dishes, vegetarian or vegan menus).