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villa althea


Villa Althea is the ideal location for birthdays and for those who want to celebrate and have fun in an elegant and original atmosphere. Our team of experts will, under the careful guidance of our event designer Lara Parente, help you to plan every detail of your party.


Villa Althea is the ideal place to toast and celebrate, and what better occasion than a birthday to live an exciting evening, surrounded by the magic of nature and of our gardens. Villa Althea consists of two facilities to meet the needs and tastes of every customer.
The orangerie has an essential architecture, its charm is given by the nature that surrounds it, and it allows us to create ever new atmospheres for theme parties, luxury parties and birthdays in the garden, all surrounded by a dream scenery.
The Giardino delle Naiadi, an evocative wrought-iron conservatory garden, is embellished with marbles, by crystal transparencies that are transformed with the lights, to have a unique atmosphere and a refined and modern luxury.



"I organise birthday parties all round, taking care of every aspect to the smallest details, for an impeccable event. We leave nothing to chance, as I and my team take care of structuring and organising the event with meticulous attention and dedication" .

Villa Althea is a unique location in terms of dimensions, but also and above all for the services it offers its guests. We study atmospheres, lights, colours and every little detail together. Together we can choose what spaces of the location to use to create the right atmosphere that interprets your personality.
An elegant, refined and amusing party, in which music, shows and dances will involve all your guests.
An original, fun and unique theme party.



"Every birthday is a reflection of one's desires and ambitions. My task is to give shape to the dreams of the guest of honour, wisely combining my experience with his tastes and needs".

Taking care of the details of an event means personalising it and making it unique. Taking care of your party is our job.
A birthday more than any other event is the right occasion to tell about ourselves, our dreams, our personality. Then we let the imagination run wild, which, supported by the creativity of our experts, will allow us to have an unforgettable birthday party.
Setting up for a birthday allows us to create atmospheres and suggestions that will remain in the memory of our guests.
Choosing the colours, the moods suitable to interpret your personality and wisely put them into a sequence of details, which together will be the style of the party.



Every event made unique by details and atmosphere, is made unforgettable by good food. The quality of the raw materials, the care with which each dish is prepared, all this will make your party perfect.
Villa Althea has its roots in the cooking and in the care with which we select and prepare the raw materials. In every dish we always put a lot of attention, so that each of our guests can be captured by the explosion of taste and aroma that characterizes each of our dishes. Our kitchen staff coordinated by the executive chef Bruno Santagata, flanked by Stefano Pista, is always at work to create balanced dishes that know how to combine the flavours of our tradition with the delicacy and refined elegance of a contemporary cuisine.
The same care is reserved for those who, due to problems or choice, need menus that meet specific necessities (gluten-free menus for celiac diseases, lactose-free dishes, vegetarian or vegan menus).