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villa althea


Villa Althea is a location surrounded by the lush nature of the Tifatini hills, close to the village of San Leucio and the Royal Palace of Caserta. The Villa has large rooms, which leave guests with the feeling of being surrounded by the greenery of nature, without giving up the comforts of a protected location.


Villa Althea is the ideal place to celebrate on the occasion of a baptism, that is always a very moving party. We welcome your guests in the garden, taking care of every aspect, from the choice of dishes that will make up the menu, to the details of the mise en place, to have a refined and elegant party.
Villa Althea covers over 5 hectares. The facilities we have at our disposal are all surrounded by nature, to experience an event where you can discover rare plants, well- kept gardens, and ancient fountains. All this will allow us to involve guests, to make them live an unforgettable day, in a place where nature and luxury find their perfect balance.



Villa Althea, with its team of experts, is by your side to organise an event on the occasion of baptism, taking care of every detail without stress, by creating a perfect event, an elegant and refined party.
On the occasion of the event, our team of experts will be at your side to organise shows, photo booths and entertainment for adults and children.



"Organising the baptism of your child is an exciting and meaningful experience. My experience will guide you in the organisation of this happy day, by suggesting the most suitable preparations to make it memorable".

Every event tells a unique story, be it a little prince or a sweet little fairy. The smiles and the looks of every child enchant us, and celebrating their baptism is a great joy for us.



In an intimate event, reserved for those who are closest to us such as baptism, the care with which we prepare and serve each dish plays a fundamental role. The cooking represents for us the heart of Villa Althea.
We select the highest quality raw materials, organic farming’s products, exclusively extra virgin olive oil, in order to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Our kitchen staff coordinated by the executive chef Bruno Santagata, flanked by Stefano Pista, is always at work to create balanced dishes that know how to combine the flavours of our tradition with the delicacy and refined elegance of a contemporary cooking.
The same care is reserved for those who, due to problems or choice, need menus that meet specific necessities (gluten-free menus for celiac deseases, lactose-free dishes, vegetarian or vegan menus).