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villa althea


Villa Althea

Villa Althea is the dream of my mother, a stubborn woman, a businesswoman who has always loved and believed in her own territory and who involved us in this adventure. We had great help in the realisation of what you can visit, by the artist Eugenio Tibaldi, who even today, despite his many commitments, supports us and urged us to consider a systematic approach to the park of the villa.

  • Maison Althea
  • Giardino delle Naiadi
  • Pomegranates garden
  • The way of roses
  • Champagne bar
  • Italian garden
  • Lake of the water lilies
  • Orangerie


The park of Villa Althea at guests’ disposal extends over five hectares, together with the Orangerie and Giardino delle Naiadi, and they form the contemporary charm of the villa. By choosing to celebrate your events at our facility, you will rely on a team of experts who, under the careful guidance of our event designer Lara Parente, will help you study every detail of your party.
Today the nature, taken care of and protected, plays the starring role in our villa, the park that we have tried to imagine has been divided into different areas, it develops from the bottom going up on the side of a small hill. We have learned to love a place where we can stop time, to listen to the pounding of water, the song of birds, to immerse ourselves in the park surrounded by the scents of licorice, lavender and jasmines. We would like more and more and better, to create something that can remain for our children, for those who, after us, can understand, with how much love and care we learned to live by enhancing and supporting nature.
In our opinion, the greatest value of luxury banqueting today is in the opportunity to have special experiences, to reconnect with nature and with people. In our opinion, luxury is no longer only linked to the elegance of a facility, to the impeccable service, but also to the ability to integrate with nature, man and territory must be as one and live in balance.